Drunk Rubbish & Shit Haiku

Slurred words, random banning and Shrek farted on my mum.

Author: BallSnitz (page 1 of 2)

Original Recipe

Before Master Chef.
His secret herbs and spices.
Bloodsport for ever.


Steven has very little remorse
The Shitty City.
Tom Selleck is banana-man.
He was just a cook.

Random Level Generation

Generate random.
Press space to make it happen.
that is all for now.

Here we go again.
Second pass makes for better.
Honey on your Shoes.

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Shut the fuck up cunts.
Just three days to make something.
This will have to do.

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Submission Successful

Five furry Puppies
Living In a huge penis
Meat and cookies mate

Mini Metroid

Thoughts on Metroid
Perhaps making smaller art
You have small penis

Shit Don’t Work Good

Sometimes stuff is good.

Mostly stuff is really shit.

I’m the Pink Panther.

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Shoot, Kill, Murder

Game made by children. Playable in your internet enabled computer.

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TF2 Sprays

Put your sprays here.

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